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Scaling dreams 

This season has been full of growth professional and personal that has been processed through the lens of farming. Starting a business is challenging on every level. I feel like this challenge was one that I needed and the next level of personal growth that I had been hungry for.

First Mother Farms will be moving to Spring Valley Road in Marysville, Calfornia roughly 60 miles Northeast of Downtown Sacramento onto 2-acres owned by my sister Amber. With every ending comes new beginnings. Our family endured a tragic loss of two souls in February of 2017.    Amber is making the rest of us sisters aunts! We now welcome a new soul Eleanor Kate to the family.

It is a personal priority for me to be closer to Amber as she enters motherhood. Which means First Mother Farms must move with me! I will be planting over 500 English lavender plants in Spring of 2018. In order to scale our growing family-farm, I again come to you for your support. 

Peace to you,