Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership

10.00 every month 13.00 every month

Includes digital mindfulness how-tos, art, curated content, and access to the First Mother Farms Tribe (exclusive events + annual farm retreat).

Themes by Month

(J) I am. (Body Awareness)

(F) I am us. (Emotional Intelligence)

(M) I am adaptive. (Human Centered Design)

(A) I am curious. (Art, Music, & Magic)

(M) I am focused. (Meditation)

(J) I am tolerant. (Social Awareness)

(J) I am unique. (Inner Child Play)

(A) I am infinite. (Intergenerational Trauma)

(S) I am love. (Intimacy vs. Lust)

(O) I am joy. (Playfulness)

(N) I am peace. (Minimalism)

(D) I am whole. (Self-Reflection)