No Love (explicit)

Maybe it’s been me all this time

I haven’t been loving

But hey can you blame me?

Every female in my family has been molested or raped

But here I am stuck fucking with dicks that don’t even believe they are worthy of love

They got me out here trippin

Tied up by a noose of emotions

I don’t want to say a damn thing

I can love you harder than any woman could

But when I start I don’t want to hear shit

Better sit down little boy before I break you

Cause when I dish

I don’t hold back

I’ll give you a love that will make your ancestors give up their graves

We could be moving mountains

But you still wanna play

I’m ready to make moves

Mother fucker

Get out of your own way

I don’t play when I say I don’t need you!

It’s not a complaint

So lay down or step off

Get up

I’m a warrior

I ain’t no bitch

I need a man that’s got his emotions aligned and sets his play AHEAD of time

I’m locked in and I’m gun’n

Rubie Simonsen