It all started when...

After completing yoga teacher training at the Yoga Seed Collective in Sacramento, California in 2015, I sat on the floor of my 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhouse looking at a bucket list we were asked to write for homework.

I asked myself out of all the bucket list items like learning Chinese or finding my bio-dad. Asked myself “What’s the most unrealistic thing for me to accomplish in the coming year?” Nearly at the bottom of the list, these words popped. “GET RID OF EVERYTHING AND LIVE IN A VAN.”

Over the next few months, I did my research. Learning from online van life forums on how to live in a van. After returning from a trip to Europe, I proceeded to give my apartment belongings away. Gifting a lot to my younger sister.

Finally, I found her. Frida, in Seattle, Washington at a Volkswagen specialty dealer, a 1988 Vanagon. I was in love. She became my home over the next several months and lab for learning how to live minimally. I became free. I rediscovered my childhood.

I found simplicity.

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