With stars in your eyes.

I see to the depth of seas.

I won’t question the Universe.

Because I see your questions, ticker typed across my mind.

I’m reading your thoughts ahead of time.

I sense your past, and present.

I can’t tell your future.

But you’re sensing mine ahead of TIME.

All sense of it is lost in a blink of an eye.

It’s these moments wide eyed that I soak in the tide.

These breaths are those that many forget to sigh.

I grasp for the air inside.

While I collide with your triggers.

I am here.

You’re wondering if I’m calculated.

If I’m mending emotions.

But I can’t help to bare it all.

I’ll strip my pride just to sense this.

It’s raw.

It’s rare.

It’s the very essence we call life.

Miss judging it for love, I can’t have it.

It’s meant to be breathed.

And not grasped

As much a I wish to mend it

Ego steals love

It’s this moment that bares all.

It’s this.


Rubie Simonsen