It would be easy 

To go back to what I know 

Like walking into a lukewarm bath 

Like tucking myself into my unmade bed...again 

But easy doesn't make it right 

Easy is lazy 

Easy is dirty 

Yet I still let my mind wander 

And think but I could be 


Why not slip on my old sweat pants 

That are worn with the stains of our past 

Drag around the house laying over the home we build

But that's easy 

Disassembling our history 

Taking out the trash 

Shakes up my soul to the spaces 

I let lay dormant over the years 

The beast has been resting 

On a horde of gold and precious jewels 

Long forgotten 

Even by the beast 

Not a moment longer 

This treasure can not go to waste 

I'm not taking easy 

This beast is woke 

Rubie Simonsen