8 Cups of Tea

Thank you for supporting First Mother Farms in its start-up year. This year has presented many challenges personal and professional that has stretched my capacity. If I did not have a supportive community of like-minded people I would not have been able to make it through so smoothly.

The loss of my grandmother and dad is difficult to articulate. The lessons among this loss have been numerous. It has forced me to slow-down and focus my energies on the relationships and activities that only cultivate positive energy.

As I have committed to farming, the lessons in the soil are reflected in my life. Weeds happen no matter what, even if you have planted good seeds. It seems weeds don’t need a rhyme or reason to grow. They don’t need any attention. But the seeds you plant with purpose, you have to always be diligent ensuring that they have the right conditions to thrive.

It’s with great gratitude that I send you this tea. It is the result of hard-work, tears, sweat, blood and soul. I have included enough for eight cups of tea. My hope is that you have tea with four people; the first an old friend, the second a new friend, the third a relative and the fourth a business acquaintance. In this chaotic world, there is always time for tea.

Peace to you,


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Rubie Simonsen