Why First Mother?

I thought why I was doing this? Why had I committed to spending 2 days a week
driving to Winters to farm in the soil and learn about irrigation and formulas for
feeding cows. Simply, I wanted to really understand what the business of farming
really looked like and gain the resources I needed to be successful doing it.  

But I gained a lot more. As I spent time in the dirt I was reminded of my high school
biology lessons, my experience interning at a bonsai nursery in Lotus, and spending a week in the SLEWS program camping out near a watershed to collect bugs and
measure trees. It made me remember my love for being outside, working hard, 
sweating, and feeling accomplished. The opportunity had always been in front of me. 
I had always been in awe of mother nature. On my car ride, home on a hot evening
Frida's windows down feeling proud of my dirty hands, it sunk in. That's right! Mother Earth is always humming in the background ensuring we have the right environment to live. She is our First Mother! When I went home I looked up the name and found
many Native American creation stories that illustrates this same sentiment. 

My favorite creation story is "The Woman Who Fell from the Sky" it is said the Sky
Chief’s daughter became very ill, and the only way to heal her sickness was to lay
her by a tree and dig it up. By digging this tree up a hole was torn in the sky that led
down to Earth. Then the Earth had no land, and was only the primordial sea. This
daughter ended up falling from the sky into Earth were many animals had to take
turns carrying her. Finally, it was decided that she would need a permanent
place to live.

The turtle was the last to carry her, and soil was brought up for the primordial sea
from the beaver to form the Earth on the turtles back. 

In my mind this story captures the beauty of this Earth, and the important role of
woman as the bearers of life. First Mother Farms embodies my belief that planet-earth is our first mother and she has the capacity to provide for our physical needs.