I'm bruised 

Battered and beaten 

Not like your fish or eggs either 

It's from your constant abuse 

It didn't start out that way 

It was a slow boil to the top 

Before I had it all figured out 

I was already swimming 

In your blood and tears 

I'm broken 

I can't seem to get it right 

It's like when the memories in your head won't connect to the words on your breath 

I can't spit them out 

But I can see the flashed of red 

I'm pressing back the pain 

When all I want to do is shout 

You got the trauma by some foreign source out in the sand 

You brought it back 

And I can't help 

Now all I can hear is your shouts

We could be normal 

We could be normal 

But we're not 

Both of us 

I'm choking 

You got your hand on my neck 

I got it 

I got it 

I shouldn't have talked back 

It won't happen again 

Yet here we are back at it 

Like we couldn't see this coming 

I'm sorry 

I'm sorry 

But I'm broken.

Rubie Simonsen