To this, I say "Hello" 

To you, I say "Hello"

Knowing you without speaking 

Soft touches that dance in waves of electric love 

Only the body can express deepest emotions

Walking thinly between moonbeams 

Time stands still at your presence 

The most ordinary of things 

Meaningless to most 

Holds everything 

What could not be found among others 

In loose ribbons has tied knots 

Of the right sorts around my heart 

I will not work to undo these bonds 

As they are the type I have been searching for 

Freedom in complete trust 

I keep falling 

Deeper in the "Hello" 

Truly seeing

Yet loving pure light and complete dark 

As you wrap your everything loosely  enough for me 

To be all embraced 

By your everything 

Only the Gods have discussed total union 

Only reserved for themselves 

No longer 

To you, I say "Hello"

Taking in your everything 

Rubie Simonsen