Van-life FAQ

What brought you to this decision?  

I have always wanted to get rid of all my shit, and live more minimalist. I think changes in your environment and routine is what keeps you creative and humble. Life is too short not to do things you dream of, an added bonus is saving money to do more things I dream of. 

Where will you shower?

At the gym, or at the homes of family or friends. 

Where will you go to the bathroom? 

Most of my day is spent at work, so at the office. At night, I don't eat or drink before bed. 

Where will you cook? 

Frida comes with a built in kitchen, two gas burners, and a sink. I plan on eating mostly raw. I don't want to cook in the van since it will begin to take on foodie odors. I have an camp stove for food, and Frida for coffee. 

Where will you keep your food? 

I have a fridge, although it doesn't stay very cold. Most van dwellers use it as storage and get a good cooler, which I plan to do. 

How will you have internet? 

I have a Karma hotspot. It's a mobile pay as you go platform with no contracts, 1GB = $14. I won't be needing much internet due to time spent at work, free wifi networks around town, and coffee addiction. 

How much money will you save? 

Roughly, $700 to $1,000. Which I will be using to pay off wonderful student loan debt, rain-day fund, and travel adventures. 

Where will you park? 

On the streets, parking lots at 24-hr shopping centers, family, and friends. Where ever I can fit it. Home is where you park it! 

Can you park on the street? 

Yes, in most cities there is a 48-hr to 72-hr parking restriction which means you have to move it than more than just around  the corner every 2-3 days. FYI: some cities aren't as friendly to visiting caravaners, these are NIMBY (not in my back yard) types. "Keep those Hippies out!" 

What will you do for security? 

Car alarm, mace, taser, baseball bat, nunchucks, and an old fashion can of whoop-ass! "Stranger Danger!" rules don't apply, living in a Volkswagen Westfalia is an open invitation for long chats with counter culture Baby Boomers, ex-Hippies, new Hipsters, and Volkswagen enthusiasts. 

AAA Batteries Required. Intuition Not Included.   

Rubie Simonsen